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Mother Bruce – Book Review

Ages 4+

What’s It About?
A very grumpy pair named Bruce who really enjoys his eggs.  He shakes down Mother Goose for her eggs but before he can cook them they hatch into goslings.  The goslings imprint onto Bruce and think he’s their mother.  He tries to get rid of them but they never leave his side.

Is it worth a read?
Definitely, this is the first book in a series that my husband picked up at the local bookstore.  The art is fantastic with so much detail and the book has some funny moments, I couldn’t get enough of the lovable grumpy bear.  I recommend it to young readers and adult readers who have the pleasure of sharing it with their little ones.

Any hidden lessons?
To me this story is about connections and different types of families.  You could also discuss how certain animals imprint and about migration.


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Mother Bruce By Ryan T. Higgins

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